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Author Visits and Workshops

Having taught English for many years, Carolyn is passionate about presenting to children of all ages.

Carolyn is available to deliver a variety of author workshops of varying lengths and to varying age groups from Early Years through to KS5 . The workshops listed below give an example of what Carolyn can offer.  Each workshop can be delivered virtually or in-person and can be adapted to suit each group's age and stage. 

Outdoor workshops linked to forest schools are also another place Carolyn feels very at home!

Each visit typically includes a sample or full book reading; book signing with Q&A at the beginning or end.

Carolyn can also offer stand-alone workshops or a series of workshops which can also be tailored to a specific outcome of the curriculum. By clicking on the relevant tabs below, you will find some examples of workshop ideas Carolyn offers.  Again, these can be added to or adapted to suit your group's needs.

The list below is by no means exhaustive so please do get in touch to discuss what how Carolyn could meet the needs of your group!

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